Royal Marines
United States Marine Corps Badges and Insignia

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Naval Personnel Serving in USMC Units Qualification Badges
US Forces Rank Comparison
US Navy Insignia
USMC Aircraft Groups
USMC Aircraft Squadrons
USMC Aircrew Dress
USMC Aviation Qualification Badges
USMC Band Dress
USMC Cap and Collar Badges
USMC Combat Dress
USMC Combat Dress
USMC Desert Dress
USMC Display Dress
USMC Diver Qualification Badges
USMC Dress Regulations
USMC Dress Regulations March 31 2013
USMC Enlisted Ceremonial Dress
USMC Enlisted Insignia
USMC Enlisted Service Dress
USMC Evening Dress
USMC Explosive Ordnance Qualification Badges
USMC NCO Musician Rank Badges
USMC NCO Musician Service Dress Rank Badges
USMC NCO Rank Badges
USMC Officer Ceremonial Dress
USMC Officer Insignia
USMC Officer Rank Badges
USMC Officer Service Dress
USMC Officer Tropical Dress
USMC Parachutist Qualification Badges
USMC Permanent Uniform Board
USMC Pistol and Rifle Qualification Badges
USMC Police Badges
USMC Rank Insignia
USMC Regiments
USMC Service Identification Badges
USMC Warrant Officer Rank Badges