Royal Marines
Badges and Insignia

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Pouch & Valise Insignia
Bugler & Musician Badges
Bugle & Drum Majors Badges
Bandmaster Badges
Band Service Royal Yacht & Royal Band Badges
Belt and Locket Buckles
Cap Badges
Band Service Cap Badges
Collar Badges
Gunnery Qualification
Gunnery Instructor Badges
Gunnery Badges
Gunlayer Gunnery Badges
Control Rating Gunnery Badges
Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Badges
Gunlayer, Control & Quarters Armourers Gunnery Badges
Quarters Rating Gunnery Badges
Marine Gunner Gunnery Badges
Rangetaker Gunnery Badges
Rangetaker, Gunlayer & Surveyor Land Gunnery Badges
Fire Control Quarters, Gunlayer Rating and Radar Rating Badges
Helmet and Shako Plates
Band Service Helmet Plates
Good Conduct Badges & Service Chevrons
Miscellaneous & Unoffical Badges
NCO Rank
Warrant Officer Rank Badges
Warrant Officer Class I Rank Badges
Warrant Officer Class II Rank Badges
Colour Sergeant Rank Badges
Sergeant Rank Badges
Corporal Rank Badges
Lance Corporal Rank Badges
Officer Rank
General Rank Badges
Lieutenant General Rank Badges
Major General Rank Badges
Brigadier Rank Badges
Colonel Rank Badges
Lieutenant Colonel Rank Badges
Major Rank Badges
Captain Rank Badges
Lieutenant Rank Badges
2nd Lieutenant Rank Badges
Parachutist Badges
Pilot & Aircrew
Aircrew Badges
Pilot Badges
King & Prince Badges
Rifle Qualification
Machine & Lewis Gunner Badges
Judging Distance & Rifle Best Shot Badges
Marksman & Sniper Badges
Royal Navy Division
Royal Navy Division Badges
Shoulder Insignia
Shoulder Plates
Specialist Qualification
Assault Engineer Specialist Qualification Badges
Cliff Leader Specialist Qualification Badges
Clerk Specialist Qualification Badges
Chef Specialist Qualification Badges
Heavy Weapons Specialist Qualification Badges
Mountain Leader Specialist Qualification Badges
Driver Specialist Qualification Badges
Drill & Platoon Weapons Specialist Qualification Badges
Landing Craft Specialist Qualification Badges
Military Provost Specialist Qualification Badges
Physical Training Specialist Qualification Badges
Stores Accountant Specialist Qualification Badges
Swimmer Canoeist Specialist Qualification Badges
Signaller Specialist Qualification Badges
Telecommunication & Communications Technician, Tradesman/Artificer Badges
Title Badges
Royal Marine & 3 Commando Brigade Badges
Royal Marine Associated Unit Badges
Combined Operations Badges
WWI to WWII Unit Insignia
Arm Bands & Cap Tallies